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VR: The Key to Accessible Experiential Learning

November 23, 2018

While people have been using computers to learn languages for many decades, virtual reality takes language learning to a new level. With a click of a button, learners can immerse themselves in a 3D world that feels incredibly real. How? Virtual reality tricks the brain into believing that you are actually present in the VR world. In that world, you can move around freely and interact with your environment.

The power of physical immersion for language learning is immense. By being immersed in a 3D VR world and manipulating everyday objects in it, language learners can learn by doing and link actions to meanings. The physicality of VR taps into kinesthetic ways of learning that we don’t typically experience in a language learning classroom or when learning with a 2D app. In VR you can build your “muscle memory” for language and this promotes deep learning.

In a recent eLearning industry article we enjoyed reading online, they break down some of the big benefits of experiential learning, so you can understand even more advantages of introducing a more kinesthetic way of learning to the classroom:

Accelerates Learning
Repetitive Learning or learning by rote has long been replaced by 'Learning by Doing.' Experiential Learning methodology uses critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making to deliver a training module. This has become an established method to accelerate learning.

Provides a Safe Learning Environment
Simulations use real-life scenarios that depict several challenges, which a participant will eventually face after the course completion. It is only natural that mistakes happen during the course of learning, and using simulations is like taking kids to a playground, and getting them to have fun, try new things and learn, in a safe controlled environment.

Bridges the Gap Between Theory and Practice
By moving beyond theory to the realm of "learning by doing,' the user gets a first-hand experience of practicing what has been taught. This plays a crucial role in retaining concepts and ideas.

Produces Demonstrable Mindset Changes
There are very few learning methods that can have a dramatic impact on the participant's mindset. Experiential Learning is one of them. Management guru Henry Mintzberg pointed out long ago that, "Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it".

Increases Engagement Levels
The high focus on collaboration and learning from each other benefits the participant as it increases engagement. On the other hand, since the participant is immediately involved in the problem-solving activity or event, the level of ownership of the outcome is high.  

Enables Personalized Learning
Experiential learning methodology is highly effective in meeting the requirements to enable personalized learning. It is a radical departure from traditional learning methods and takes the learning beyond the classroom. The participants set their own learning pace. By combining technology and simulations with experiential learning, companies are making this concept available anytime and anywhere, across multiple devices. This has introduced the concepts of a flipped classroom, where the learning goes to the students and not the other way.

Read the full blog from eLearning industry here>


Virtro’s Argotian takes language learning to a whole new level by combining VR immersion, conversational language practice and adaptive personalized instruction in an open-world adventure game. Individual learners can speak freely with patient, non-judgmental avatars without fear of making mistakes while the game evaluates the learner’s language use and offers assistance during gameplay as needed.

Argotian gives diverse learners with different learning styles and personalities powerful opportunities to learn a language via experiential learning, in a welcoming 3D-immersive adventure world.

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