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How Virtual Reality Will Change How We Learn

March 25, 2018

CSO Lee Brighton caught up with Gillian Judson from SFU's CIRCE (The Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture and Innovation) to give insight into the power of VR for education and how our project Argotian is going to be a major disruptor for language learning.

Read an excerpt from the blog post below!

Education has always evolved in line with technological advances, from teaching originally delivered by parents and their small social groups, to literature-based learning, to today’s e-learning. Education has reliably adapted its methodologies to suit societal needs and virtual reality is set to spark the education industry’s biggest evolution yet!

So how is Virtual Reality going to help to lead a radical shift in education where cell phones were unable to move the needle?

To answer this question we need to first understand what VR is, and its impact.

Virtual Reality is a virtually created alternative reality. VR has an artificially created space to offer the user a complete, immersive experience.

In VR the user’s external world is removed and replaced by a rich and vibrant virtual simulation. The all-encompassing, visual experiences, coupled with quality sound, invite the user to understand new perspectives, engage in new challenges and interact within powerful and moving experiences. Researchers are finding that the transfer of information to your brain can be likened to how you brain absorbs real experiences – in other words the experiences in virtual reality feel extremely lifelike and ‘real’.

Virtro’s Mission

We are developing Argotian with the intent to make language learning enjoyable and to empower people to be conversationally fluent. We want to give learners the opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills in an optimised environment -using the smarts of AI and the immersiveness of VR- and be able to access this environment wherever they are in the world. We see the social impact of Argotian opening the doors for universal quality learning and lifting the barriers of location and accessibility.

Read the full blog post here!

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